Kingz and Pharaohz Biography

Dj Mixx [Artist/DJ]

Born into Miami’s Hip Hop and Dancehall circles, Mixx began his career electrifying clubs, touring with major artists, and hosting underground radio. Recognized by City Hall for his artistic contribution/music-related philanthropy, Mixx relocated to New York and impacted nightlife as a celebrity DJ and event promoter. His recorded works have garnered acclaim in various publications, and he has served as a model/brand ambassador for mainstream apparel and audio conglomerates. Back in Miami, Mixx currently joins the Immense Music Squad [New York] as a founding DJ, and the Reggaeboyz Sound System [New York/Jamaica] as a resident selector.

Terry B [Artist/Producer]

With almost two decades of production experience, Brooklyn-based beat-maker, Terry B., has become a respected name among local and mainstream artists, alike. Inspired by Golden Age Hip Hop icons, his eclectic sound has come to exude the energy and experiences of his New York surround. Graduating with a degree in audio technology from SAE Institute [New York], and serving as a resident in many of the City’s elite recording facilities, Terry B’s research and professional background culminates in a unique brand of sonic perfection.

Long-time friends, Mixx and Terry B have come together to form Kingz & Pharaohz.

A new chemistry of classic integrity with mood music for the multitudes. The everyman’s elevation. The dreamer’s liberation. Essentials for eccentrics. A balance of brilliance and sonic resilience. Message massala seeped in soul. The rabble rouser’s sensational oration. Academy thesis with standing ovation. This is Royalty Rising and Taking control. We ARE what you came for. So please… ShutTheFuckUpAndListen. Thank you.